Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tomorrow’s The Big Day….

Had a busy day with work today. One of our advertisers came and washed our rig and sealed the roof. He did such a great job. He worked on our rig while his two helpers worked on a big American Eagle coach a couple of spots down our row. We will squeeze in some more sales calls tomorrow morning and then around lunch time, we need to get ready to take the rig in for our surgery appointment. We have a list of “Do Not Do” items that have to be heeded before surgery. Can’t wear anything fuzzy (might put fuzz in the air that would affect laser). No lotion, no scents (as far as we can tell that would include deodorant and shampoo)Hopefully it will be a cool day tomorrow and we won’t break a sweat…LOL Our prep list also said that it will be chilly in the surgical area and to dress warmly. That I can do….The hard thing will be not rubbing my eyes for two weeks. Thank goodness they give us something to put over our eyes when we sleep and shower. Plus we have heavy duty sunglasses to wear for a few days (probably will resemble a welder’s helmet or those solar eclipse glasses we had last weekend). We’re excited…it will probably be a good thing that we have surgery late in afternoon as we’re supposed to keep our eyes closed for the first four hours after surgery. Sounds like…Nap time !

Linda and I are the proud owners of a used Wii game set that we won on E-bay. I just love getting a good bargain. We got the console, two controllers and two numchucks (not sure about the spelling of this device but my auto correct thought it should be upchuck but I’m pretty sure that isn’t what I want) and two games for $81. It’s so easy to set up and doesn’t take up much room at all.  Linda and I bowled a bunch of games, did some sword fighting, golfing and table tennis. I can really feel it in my arm and back muscles…decent work out. It’s also a great way to burn off some stress after a crazy day. My goal is to come home each night and play at least two games of something.

Guess that is all that is going on. I will try to report back later this weekend on how we’re doing. The doctor said that as soon as he’s done that we’ll be able to see the clock across the room. That isn’t such a big deal for me but that will be huge for Linda. Once she takes her glasses off, she can’t see them so she has to put them in the same place so she’ll find them. To see the clock will be very thrilling for her. Hope everyone has a great Memorial weekend….it’s the official kick-off to summer. Get out and enjoy the outdoors !

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longdog2 said...

Hope everything goes just great tomorrow. You are brave both having it done at one time but then I guess it is good to have the recovery time all over at once too.