Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ruins and Ravines

P5040010 We’re trying to soak up as much of the local flavor as we can before we leave the Holbrook area. On Friday, we had to drive to Show Low to check in with some businesses so we decided to drive on to the Salt River Canyon to check it out. Our friends Wendy, Cindy and Ross had all driven up through the canyon, on their way to Holbrook, and told us how beautiful it was. It’s a long way out there and a long way back but it sure is pretty.Linda in Salt River Canyon We had a “bumper” picnic, while at the pull-off area…taking in the beauty around us before we started back to Holbrook.





P5040012 P5040011

Today we took the trike and rode to Homolovi Ruins State Park, just before you get to Winslow. This is the site of what used to be a 1200 room pueblo of a Hopi tribe. Archeologists are still working on the area, since it was only set up as a state park, less than thirty years ago.

P5050019 P5050022
P5050023Pottery shards P5050024Kiva
P5050025 Bottom of Kiva..notice the two stones in center. This was the site of the hearth and see the air vent behind the area and bench around the perimeter of the Kiva. P5050028 One of two banded lizards we saw around the area…look at his pretty yellow feet.
P5050016 P5050020

Nice day out on the bike…even with sunscreen, we both got a little bit of sun. Temp was only in high 70’s but without the breeze, it was really hot. Not sure what we have in store for tomorrow…Nascar will be on TV about the time I’ll be eating breakfast. That sure is different. How to fit my morning political shows in with Nascar…some channel surfing tomorrow for sure. Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend.

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