Sunday, May 20, 2012


We’re in Brighton, just outside of Denver. The mountains are so gorgeous here…everywhere you look, they are off in the distance. I wonder if people, who live here, take them for granted. We asked Ross that question since he’s lived here for eight years. He said he made a promise to himself to never take them for granted. I suppose people in their crazy day-to-day lives can forget to look up and see those magnificent images off in the distance but we sure enjoy them while we are here.

Boomer has had another little medical mis-step. On Thursday afternoon we took him to the dog park, near here, that we found last year. It’s a huge park with a pond that last year had water in it. This year it’s a small, greenish..sludge filled puddle. Earlier in the week we had taken him and he ignored the puddle and had a good time with another dog there. On Thursday, there were other dogs but he found the puddle. He also ran and ran, more than he has gotten to do in a while. Since there is so much room to run, he took advantage of it. I went for  a walk on the path that circles the “puddle” and he followed me but then he decided to run to see Linda at the other end of the park. He ran like the wind, straight into the mud pit and then emerged and ran back towards me. He ran past me, flying like race horse and I turned to watch him. When he got to the far end, he faltered a bit and then stopped on a dime. He walked a couple of steps, limping and then plopped down on the ground. When I got to him, it was pretty apparent something was wrong with his front leg but I wasn’t sure if it was those nasty sand spurs or if he had twisted it. From what I saw, when he was running, it looked like he had stepped into a divot or something and probably twisted his leg. We came home and he wouldn’t walk on it hardly at all. On Friday, we were concerned so we took him to a local vet. The minute we got in the door to the vet’s, it was like a child who comes home from school, saying they are sick and miraculously they don’t feel so bad anymore. He was walking, not holding up his leg, etc. The vet checked him over and she didn’t feel that he had broken it..that it was merely a sprain. He’s on anti-inflammatory pills (the dose just now decided it didn’t want to stay down). He’s doing better…still a little gimpy. Wonder if this little mishap will make him remember he’s twelve and not two…I doubt it and that’s fine by me !

We are headed out to the flea market this morning. Have to go get ready for that. Tonight, Linda has a one hour reiki session…that’s exciting! And while she is doing that, I will be watching the solar eclipse in my special glasses that our friend Cindy gave us. Hoping that the sky is clear and not raining so we can see it. Will post more about all of these “energy” experiences later…

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Tom and Donna Clapham said...

Boomer get well and ladies enjoy that beautiful area of CO. We loved CO!!! rockin'