Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eye Recovery

Today was our first day of work since getting our eye surgery last Friday. Little rough to do any computer work for too long (things get pretty blurry). I finally pulled out a giant magnifying glass I had when I first got bifocals so I could see map details and “little stuff”. Thank goodness when I’m working in Publisher I can make an ad 150 or 200% in size so I can see it…LOL This too shall pass once our eyes heal, swelling and redness subsides and we get the clear contacts out tomorrow. I think it will take a while for our brains to figure out that each eye, while having its’ own job to do (reading or distance), must work with and not against the other eye to create a unified vision. Sort of like all the instruments in the symphony blending together to make a harmonious piece of music. A few of our band members are out of key at the moment but in time will be great.


These are the eye covers that we have to tape over our eyes while we sleep. Since the covers still slip and slide a little bit, we have been wearing our sunglasses over them too. The shields keep us from rubbing our eyes, by accident, in the middle of the night. I like to sleep on my stomach and these are really putting a crimp on that. We usually got loaded up on the artificial tears before putting them on and we’re good till morning. Come six or seven a.m., the scratchiness starts and we’re ready for more of the steroid and antibiotics. Tomorrow afternoon we go back for our follow-up appointment to see how our eyes are doing. At that point the contacts should come out. Will post more once we get back from the doctor and get a report on how things are going.

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longdog2 said...

Hoping everything goes well and you have a very speedy recovery.