Friday, June 1, 2012


P6010001 We left Brighton this morning around 9:45 and started up to Breckenridge. What a pretty day to drive. The elevation is about double what it was in Brighton so we’re taking it easy and not overexerting ourselves and making sure we drink lots of water. Plus with our eye surgery, although today is the last day for our medicated drops, we need to be vigilant with the artificial tears. It will aid in the healing.

I was a little nervous about the mountain driving but there really isn’t anything to it. With the tow/haul mode on, the rig takes care of braking and downshifting when going down the mountain and it shifts when the rig bogs down to go up the hill. All I have to do is keep the pedal to the floor going up and off the gas when going down. There was a six mile downhill area right before you got to Tiger Run, where we’re staying and using these principles made it a piece of cake.

Tiger Run is gorgeous !P6010005 We have a beautiful view of the mountains from our site. The sites are great…paved with room for the rig, car, trike and a large area for sitting plus there's a storage shed on site. The site we’re staying on is up for sale. We are right across from the clubhouse where there’s a hot tub, indoor pool, weight room, laundry, game room and business center. Just down the road from us is a huge community fire pit which looks it would be fun for get togethers. We walked over and checked everything out at the clubhouse. The sad thing is that we can’t use the pool or hot tub for another week yet, due to our eye surgery. It’s close enough that we can use the hot tub in the evening. Boy,we’re going to be roughin it for the next three weeks !


P6010011 P6010013

We have our meeting with the resort manager in the morning and then we’ll probably take the trike and go check out the area. Stay tuned…

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Dave and Susie said...

Wow, what a pretty place. Have fun!