Monday, November 21, 2011

“SUPER” Disgusted

Well the deadline came and went and the appointed super committee didn’t get anything accomplished as far as cutting the deficit. Are we really surprised ? In one sense it would have been fun (more like interesting) to have been a fly on the wall and listen to the weeks and weeks of “discussions”. Naw, it would only make be more enraged. These Congressman have no sense of concern for what our country is facing. All they care about is preserving their job and digging their heels in until after the next election. The country could face another downgrade in our rating but they all seem completely unfazed by all of this. It’s disgusting ! Shame on all of them for leading us down this path again.
Short week for calling on businesses. Getting hard to reach folks as they are starting to travel already. Pushing tomorrow to get some more calls made and then we’ll go up to Linda’s daughter’s house, in Virginia Beach area, for a few days.
Still organizing…bought some more Command Center hooks to hang a few more things in the garage. Really liking how things are shaping PB210101 up. Our shoe cabinet was getting pretty beat up, having had it in the other rig for about four years now so we found this at Wal-Mart tonight and it’s perfect. It’s a hanging shoe holder (well, yeah it is handy for cans of beer too). It has 40 pockets and five center shelves for boots or bigger shoes. It has a hook on the top of it that hooks nicely over the bottom of the drop down bed frame. It makes great use of vertical space from floor to ceiling…it’s about 51” tall….and it only cost $15. All of our shoes fit nicely (and the extra beer that won’t fit in the frig does too).

PB210097 (2)

PB210097 (3)
Love these Command straps. Great for holding my creeper to the wall. Another set holds our patio table to the wall. They are meant to hold extension cords or something similar but I’ve found they work great in the RV lifestyle for keeping things in place. That’s it on the organizational home front..


Here are a couple other pics I took today…this handsome guy was fighting with himself, as he looked in the window glass. I grabbed my camera to catch his antics. The other is of an interesting house we saw while out today. Still want to get to the cemetery, here in town, where Daniel Boone’s parents are buried. Interesting story on that family. Will save that for next time…

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I have everything hung in my rig with those Command hooks and the like. They are great ! Will never put another nail in a wall. But didn't know about the straps. Will be getting some of those. Thanks for the tip.