Friday, November 18, 2011

Too Cold

The temps dropped down to 27 last night and although I had wrapped the water softener in an old sleeping bag, the hose going into the rig froze so we started out the morning without water. Brought the hose and water softener in the house (as I should have done before dark) and it thawed out in no time. It’s a little tough to get a garden hose through a doorway that’s frozen out straight for about six feet in length. Ha..Tonight it’s supposed to be another cold one, so I put some water in the fresh water tank and brought the water softener and hose inside (now that’s using the ole noggin). Gonna warm up into the 60’s and maybe 70 by Sunday. Yeehaw !
jiffy lube Yesterday, we stopped at Jiffy Lube to get an oil change in the car and to also make a sales call. I saw this sign on the wall, in the waiting room, and thought it interesting. Seems it went into affect in 1975 so if a car dealer tries to tell you that they won’t back the warranty because you didn’t get your routine maintenance done at a dealership, they are wrong. Nice to keep that in mind. Wonder if that applies to RV’s?
We bought a couple items to try and make organizing in the rig a little easier. Bought two holders for boxed things like saran wrap and sandwich bags ($5 ea. at Amazon) and 12 clips to hold spice bottles ($8 at Amazon). Really want to get a can organizer but I can’t justify spending $40 or $50 for something to hold cans although it would be very handy. Can’t find the camera right at the moment so will post a picture of all of these items installed at a later date. The saran wrap, bags and spices have been stored in the cupboard above the stovetop but the cupboard is so deep, it’s hard to get things out of it. By mounting some of these holders on the doors, it will free up space IN the cupboard and make things more readily available. Does anyone else not like to put screws in the walls or doors of their rig ? I did mount the paper towel holder tonight, using the two little screws that came with it, but I cringed the whole time I screwed them in. That’s why I so love those command strips to hang things. I look at the “Command Center” in every store I go in because you find some unique items in some stores that you don’t find all over. Love ‘em !!
Covered a lot of territory with our sales calls this week. We went to Pudding Ridge today..cute name, I thought. My uncle always used to call me Puddin’ Tane, although I never knew where that came from. Maybe an old TV or radio show ? Maybe some you have some insight into my childhood nickname. Maybe it was a weird family thing. Someone told me once that a common term around our house, “dooryard” was not really a word. Huh ?…We used it all the time. “Go out and mow the grass in the front dooryard.” I just went to Merriam Webster dictionary to look it up and it says: “a yard next to the door of a house”…Well Duh !!…yep, that’s what it is…See, we didn’t just make up words out there in Bungy. They really do exist. I’m gonna see what I can find to do tomorrow in our dooryard, outside the rig. Here’s hoping you all have fun in your own dooryards ! :)

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