Sunday, November 20, 2011

Beautiful Day

Weather was awesome today. Temps were close to 70 so we took the bike out for a ride before the Nascar race. As I type this the race is PB200089 still going on in Florida, due to rain delays throughout the afternoon that have delayed the finish. It’s been an excellent race that is probably going to come down to the final lap on who will actually win the championship for the year. Lots of strategy involved with the delay, fuel conservation, take 2 tires or 4, etc. It’s a nail biter !
Here’s a picture with the bike out of the garage. The part that says “Outlaw”” on it is the queen sized bed that lowers from the ceiling. It is usually up to the ceiling but I’m storing some items on top of it right now. It’s at a height that works ok for loading the bike and gives us more storage on top of the bed. Behind the bed(which would be the back side of the bedroom in the loft) are cupboards the whole width of the garage. We use these to store our old jobs, once we’ve finished and boxed them.
As I was getting some things out of the basement storage, I found something that was puzzling to me. Most of the doors (that aren’t under the slide out) have the type of bracket on the piston that allows the door to go up about 130 degrees. PB200090
There are a couple that only open 90 degrees and they are a pain to get something out of. You either hit your head or scrape your back PB200091 crawling under the door.  These pistons attach right to the door, no arched bracket. PB200094
This doesn’t make sense to me why they wouldn’t have the first type on all of them. Perhaps they ran out as it came down the assembly line and they stuck these other ones on it ? I think I will add it to my list of warranty things to ask about when we figure out where we will be in three weeks so I can schedule the work.

Watching NASCAR outside on the TV while we were grilling….Boomer could have cared less….


Anonymous said...

I like those brackets ! Mine does not have that kind. I must look into that. Also, Your ramp doesn't appear to be as steep as mine ? Or is that just the way the pic is taken ?

Jim and Bobbie said...

That's a pretty snazzy place.