Monday, November 7, 2011

Lunch with New Friends

Today we met Froggi Donna and Stu for lunch. We’ve e-mailed with Donna and followed each other’s blog for a while now but have never had the chance to meet. We learned that they were coming to Pigeon Forge so we found some time to go to Mel’s Diner for lunch. Had a great time getting to know each other.
We are still waiting on our assignments. Linda B did talk to our boss this morning and he asked if we’d be interested in going to the west coast….we said sure, as long as there’s no snow. He said he’d get back to us after he made some arrangements so we’re hoping to hear first thing tomorrow morning where we are headed. If he doesn’t give us an answer, we’re jumping on the bike and getting some riding in.
Tried to get some things done around the rig today, in preparation for leaving and getting back to work. PB070085 From the looks of our water filter, do you think it was time to flush the system and put a new filter in ? Wow, and that’s only about 7 weeks of use. PB070086 Really easy process…take out the pre-filter and fill the chamber with Morton salt pellets. Disconnect the water hose from the rig and turn the chamber upside down and run the water stream about the size of a pencil till all the salt is gone from the chamber. Run a little bit to get any salty taste out of water, put new filter in and away you go till it loses that “slippery feeling” again. A nice process to walk away while it’s doing it’s thing and work on something else. We’ve been in a dilemma about putting our e tracks down in the garage of the rig. We have three tracks, made of steel and feel we should mount at least one so we can secure the trike to it while its traveling but wasn’t quite sure how to do it. I spoke to the RV dealer, where we got the rig, and he answered my questions. Didn’t recommend using the tracks on the walls, as I’ve seen others do and said to cut the tracks to go over the arched area on the floor, back near the ramp. Will have to see if my jigsaw can cut it. It’s pretty thick steel.
Weather has been awesome. In the 60’s today. Tomorrow, it’s supposed to hit 70…a great day for a bike ride. Rain possibly on the way for Wednesday so we’ll see what we can accomplish tomorrow. 

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Jim and Bobbie said...

I was going to email both you and Donna and tell you you're both in the same place...soooo glad you got together.