Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pigeon Forge

We arrived in Pigeon Forge on Friday afternoon. The trip through the mountains, from North Carolina to Tennessee, on Interstate 40 was really pretty. The foliage was still very colorful and the trees were holding their leaves. Quite a winding road but nothing compared to 411 south that leads into Pigeon Forge. Holy Mackeral….the first 11 miles were pretty wicked. We came by the Bush’s Beans plant…very large plant in the middle of no where. We got to Eagles’s Nest campground and got set up. They are a Passport America park…so half off for the length of our stay. We’re not sure how long we’ll be here so paid till Monday ($66). We have a phone meeting with our boss this evening and will get our schedule.
Dianne on trike
Hanging out with Hugh and Dianne, our trainers with AGS. They are here working 14 parks over a three month period. They will finish up end of November and then go back to their condo in North Carolina. This is the only assignment they do every year (but heck what a big job it is). Dianne has been dying to see our trike so she tried it out by sitting on it. Last night we went to see Country Tonite, a country show in Pigeon Forge. They’ve started their Christmas show so the first hour was the regular country show and the second hour was the Christmas show.

It was very good and the comedian in the show, Bubba was hilarious. He did this one spoof on the song, “Jesus Take The Wheel” but instead it was Cletus Take The Reel….oh my, it was funny. Had a really good time and it was a fun night out. Today Hugh and Dianne are coming over to watch the race with us and grill out. Tomorrow we might take the trike out and get some riding in before we leave this beautiful area. Would hate to leave and not see any of the back country roads. We hear the rumble of bikes on the road, that goes past the campground, and know this area is a favorite for bikers. The Dragon Tail, an 11 mile stretch with 318 twists and turns is something we might tackle….stay tuned to see if we take on the Dragon !


Tom and Donna Clapham said...

We loved PF....they have a super mussle car museum there (Floyd Garrett or something like that). Also some fun shows!! Enjoy!!

Movable Book Lady said...

I have friends who've done The Dragon. It's really something but be careful so you come back alive.