Monday, November 28, 2011

Ozzie Has Some New Sunglasses

PB280001 I had researched a windshield cover for our rig and as luck would have it, we got assigned a job where Magne Shade is located. All of the others I had researched were secured by screw-in snaps or suction type devices….all of which required me having to get a ladder out to put it up. This one is awesome ! It uses powerful magnets to hold the cover to the windshield. One set of magnets are in the pockets you see around the top of the cover and the other set is attached to the inside of the windshield with 3M adhesive. The material is pvc coated polyester that will last forever and it gives super privacy without making it dark inside the rig. Those were the two big things on our wish list: 1) Privacy 2) Let as much light in as possible

I was worried that the black fabric would make it really dark inside but it’s not. You can totally see outside but no one can see in. At night, when the lights are on inside, you can see a vague outline of a person but otherwise great privacy. Lots of funky colors to choose from and you can even get some custom designs but we wanted black….you can’t go wrong with black, especially with our color scheme.
Roger, from Magne Shade came out and installed the shade. He’s going to Quartzsite in January so if you’re thinking of getting a cover for your windshield, tell him Linda sent you ! Go check it out…a great way to keep the rig cooler and keep the sun’s rays off your fabrics and dash. Easy set-up and easy tear down…..Ozzie’s loving her new shades !!

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Anonymous said...

That's something I need for my rig. Will be looking for them here in Q when the show opens.