Saturday, November 19, 2011

Great Day with an Old Friend

Another chilly start to our day today. I had opened up the curtain around the front window and we were sitting around having breakfast. Boomer goatstarts barking and is looking out the front window. Here stands this little black goat, looking at the rig, and around his neck, he’s got a red collar with a big cowbell on it. He stands there and looks at Boomer while he’s barking at him…Then he trots up the road. There’s hardly anyone here in the campground so I’m not sure where he came from or who he belongs to. Guess he was just out for his morning stroll. How cute…
PB190089 I got the flat tire plugged and filled with air, ready to go back on the car. Got cleaned up as we needed to go to Winston Salem. We had made a date with our friend, Ted to have lunch with him. Ted is a resident at the retirement community we managed and Linda would make his day when she’d give him a hug AFTER he’d say, at breakfast: “It’s a wonderful day at the old folks home.” We’ve been chatting with him, each month, since we left there and he’s so dear to us. Ted retired from the Air Force, after having spent 20+ years in Colorado. He loved hearing about all the areas we’d visit while we were out there in his home state. He came back to Winston because his daughter lives here. We’re going to get together again with him before we leave at the end of the month.
After lunch with Ted, we decided that we’d better get new tires on the car since I’ve plugged them at least three times now. They are pretty worn out ( my car has 214,000 miles on it), although not all of these miles on this set of tires. Ended up getting them at Discount Tire, after missing out on a set at Sam’s Club. I ran into Sam’s right before we needed to meet Ted for lunch and they only had four tires in stock to fit our car. By the time we left the restaurant and got back there, they had sold two of the four tires. So we went down the street to Discount Tire….only cost us $12 more than it would have at Sam’s but man, talk about a quick way to blow $500. They replaced our spare tire (the one that had never been used), with the best tire of the ones that came off the car since the spare was starting to show dry rot. Discount Tire is in quite a few of the states that we work around the country so we can get free tire rotations at any of their locations.
Bought a few of the “helper” shelves to help finish up our organization project in our cupboards. Everything is laid out nicely now…easy to get to and broken up into “food areas” and “work supplies”. Tomorrow I need to tidy up the garage a little bit. Things are getting a little out of hand there. Here’s some of the pictures I promised.
PB190089 (2) PB190091 (2)
PB190090 (2) PB190092

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Jim and Bobbie said...

In our other rig we used a lot of those spice holders and they were very handy. I really like the paper towel holder in the door...may steal that idea.