Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back In North Carolina

PB120118 We packed up this morning and hit the road at 8 a.m. Good thing as all the visitors get an early start, out of Pigeon Forge, to make their way back home. Three lanes of traffic till we got to the outskirts of town and then it all eased up when we headed out on 411. We didn’t have to ride any of the rollercoasters, at Pigeon Forge…this road is so twisty and rolling, that it served that purpose. Nice drive back to North Carolina. Arrived around 12:30…got set up and then had our meeting with the manager so we can get out tomorrow and start selling. Park is very quiet this time of year. Large, older park with 450 sites. We have a long, pull through site just past the office. Town of Mocksville has a population of around 5000 so should be an easy territory to cover over the next two weeks. We’re hoping to hear from our boss in the next day or so on where we are headed next. We still need to get the replacement microwave ordered, to replace our buzzing one that is under warranty. Have to know where we’ll be three weeks out so once we get our schedule we can set up delivery, of the microwave, to that “future” location. Tomorrow will be our first time out selling with our car, instead of Bertha. Will be a very nice change and much easier to get around town. We are certainly enjoying the .60 less per gallon we have to pay for gas as opposed to diesel. Sure adds up….
Weather forecast is for 70 degrees tomorrow and in the 50’s at night. Colder temps coming at the end of the week…daytime highs of 50’s and freezing temps at night.

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