Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Daniel Boone

After driving past this sign every day on our way into town, we finally got a chance to go in search of the Boone burial plot. Daniel Boone’s father immigrated from England, to Pennsylvania in 1713 due to the persecution that Quakers were receiving in England. Squire met and married Sarah and they built a log cabin near Reading, PA.This is where Daniel was born. I did not realize any of this until I did some research on their residing here in Mocksville.In the mid 1700’s the Boone family was expelled from the Quaker group due to two of the children marrying “worldlings” (non-Quaker folks). In 1750, Squire sold his land and moved to North Carolina. In 1759 the Boones fled Yadkin Valley to Culpepper, VA due to the uprising of the Indians in the area. PB220003
PB220009 The cemetery, where Squire and Sarah are buried is small and the area is overgrown with weeds and is behind an iron gate and fence. Their tombstones have been preserved by encasing them in brick and putting a plaque on it that says exactly what was on the markers (due to erosion its really hard to read the original markers).
We walked around in the cemetery to look at the old markers. There were some really interesting ones. One marker told how the woman in the grave had donated $600 so that a church could continue to exist, due to financial difficulties.

PB220005 PB220008
Got word today that, when we leave here next Wednesday, we are headed to Arlington, Texas to work a corporate KOA there. That job will take us up to Christmas and since it puts us close to our home office, we’ll also get to go to our boss’s Christmas party. Yippee !! No word on where to after that but at least we know where we’ll be till the end of the year. The RV Resort is close to lots of attractions, like the Dallas Cowboys stadium, 6 Flags, Texas Rangers stadium and much more. Linda said there are about 40 restaurants within a mile of the park. Wow ! Gonna be a busy time selling in Arlington !
PB220002 I’ll close this post with this picture…this guy has been hitchhiking at the on-ramp to I-40 for the last two days. No takers as he was still hanging out today. Give him a ride…he won’t take up much room. He wants to get home for the holidays.

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