Sunday, March 6, 2011

Training is Over...Now the Fun Begins...

Larry & Nancy(trainers), Sage & Paul, Linda and I,Bill & Sandy, Hugh & Dianne(trainers)

We finished up our training on Saturday morning with work in Publisher and Excel on how to do mock ups and some of our paperwork. Linda B will be doing most of these two items, since she will be doing the office work, so she was the one to "practice". On Friday night we had our graduation dinner at a local golf club. What a fun time we had !
    On Saturday, we got to meet Jackie and Eric Fulbright....the top sales team for the company. What nice people they are. They are from Lexington, NC so we talked a little bit about Winston Salem and the campground where we used to have our rig. Turns out they were probably just a couple of sites down from us in November when they came home for the holidays. Small world !
    We pulled out of Lake Conroe around 8 this morning, headed for Lake Medina, TX. Pretty day and nice trip until we got about 10 miles from the campground. Engine light came on, lost power on hills so we limped to the campground. I suspect that it's the fuel filter (hoping it's something that simple) so we've found a garage where we will take it in the morning.
    We're staying at the Lake Medina RV Resort, which is an actual working ranch. We had to drive through herds of cattle driving into the resort. No gates to come through but I guess the metal tubing we had to drive over at openings in the fence are enough to keep the cows in. (Probably hard to walk on for the cows when they're trying to escape.) The resort sits next to a lake in a corner of the ranch. Very pretty area....rolling hills, thus the name "hill country". The park seems full. I didn't see any empty sites as we were walking around. I'll take some pictures over the next week and post them. I'll also post more info on the history of the park....neat info !

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Tom and Donna Clapham said...

Small......I learned to water ski on Medina Lake! We lived in Hondo from 1955-58. Then moved to San Antonio where I live for 28 years.

Congrats on you training and all! What did you find out on Bertha?