Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mac and Ernie's

Today we went to Mac and Ernie's for lunch. They have been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network. Naylene is the owner and she was working today with several young men back in the kitchen. It's a very small place but not nearly as small as it used to be. They recently built on which created a much larger kitchen and now an indoor seating area. They used to only have an outdoor seating area (the area under the tent) but now they have an indoor air conditioned area.
They have three different types of range beef, axis burgers, which is the spotted deer that are running around here and a cabrito burger which is goat. Linda got the free range cheeseburger. I picked the Chicken  Naylene. It was all very scrumptious ! We were heart broken to learn that they were out of the coconut cream pie since we had heard wonderful things about it so we mentioned something to Naylene when she came out to say hello. She suggested that we get the homemade ice cream and felt certain it would be the best we've EVER had. Today's flavor was Buttered Caramel with Malden Sea Salt. We were up for the challenge so got one to share. Oh my, was it good and really different with the sea salt. So glad she suggested it....she ran through some of the upcoming selections and they are really unique. We told Naylene about our friends Bobbie and Jim who like to go to restaurants that have been on the show and that one day they will come to visit. She said she met another couple who is doing the same thing and has been to 104 of the 350 restaurants that have been on Guy's show...she thought that was neat.
As we stood at the edge of the kitchen talking to Naylene, a group of people were placing their orders. The cashier took the tickets and hooked it to a little deer on this metal track and pushed a button and off it went to the grill area. It was so cute ! When it reached the end of the line (literally) it bumped this thing, dropped the ticket in a basket and went back to the cashier. I have never seen anything like it and found it to be a really cute use of their logo. It was a fun place with awesome food ! So glad we got to experience it and told Naylene that we'd see her next year when we come to the area....

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Tom and Donna Clapham said...

Hey wait a minute....I thought you gals are vegetarians???? Damn that food looks good, especially since we are on Weight Watchers!!! I saw this place on DIDandD!!! Have fun!