Friday, February 25, 2011

Training Underway..

Today was our first full day of training. Good day...lots of info. By 3:00 I was starting to feel like my eyes were glazing over but as soon as I walked out into the bright sunshine and warm temps, I got my second wind. We came home and have been working on our homework. Our first assignment will be in Lakehills, Texas....a pretty area some of our classmates told us. We've got a long ways to go and a lot of info to digest before we leave here but it's going well.

The weather today was awesome ! Warm temps in the 70's but a nice breeze. Last night, when we finished our introductory meeting, we took Boomer out for a walk. We were hoping to get some exercise in but he proceeded to drag me (literally) to the large K9 park across the campground from where we are. As we learned upon getting closer to the park, there was a very large dog playing in there with his owner. "Tony" looked like a small horse. His owner told us he's part Great Dane (the horse part) and black lab. Wow, is he big ! Boomer and Tony had such a good time chasing each other around the park. The more fatigued that Boomer got, after a lap around the park, he'd dart under the picnic table where Linda and I were sitting. He knew that Tony couldn't get under there. Sneaky little devil but it worked. It would give him enough of a break till Tony wandered away and then he'd sneak up on him again. By the time we came back to the rig, both dogs were thoroughly exhausted !

My mom called tonight and said that she had gotten 10" of snow last Sunday and 8" more yesterday. Ughhh...feel so sorry for her as she is truly getting cabin fever with all of the snow and not being able to get out. Luckily my brothers come and plow her out but she said they are calling for another storm on Monday and she's supposed to go to a doctor's appointment that day. Maybe it will pass her by this time. Spring can't come soon enough to folks in the Northeast...too much snow ! I really hated to tell her what the temps were here when she asked. Well, off to bed. More training tomorrow....

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