Sunday, March 13, 2011

River Walk

Yesterday Linda and I went to San Antonio to get  a new printer, at Staples, and thought we'd take in some of the sights while we were there. We went downtown and due to a St. Patty's day parade, many of the streets were blocked off so it made it a little tough to get around. We had wanted to go to the parking lot for oversize vehicles but couldn't get there. At one point we were behind a large motorhome pulling a cargo trailer and we felt so bad for him...trying to find someplace to go. I think he was headed to the same lot we were going but like us, couldn't get there.

We did find a lot where we had room to maneuver and left Bertha there. We watched some of the parade but mainly wanted to see the riverwalk. It's not what either of us had pictured in our minds but it was fun anyway. The barges were busy carrying people around on the "green" river (dyed for St. Patty's day). We had taken Boomer with us and he was so good walking around...was a very good boy. I didn't realize that the Riverwalk has been around since the early 40's. The man who had the vision of developing around the river was brilliant. It gives such vibrancy to downtown and the cooling breezes that come off the water are nice as well. There are lots of restaurants, hotels and shops near the riverwalk and it was a very busy place yesterday. We also walked by the Alamo but only checked out the courtyard area as the line to get in was clear down the block. Spring break is just starting so not sure if the increase in crowds is due to that or something else.

After we left the downtown area we went to Sam's Club to get a few things and then went to Staples. We bought a new Epson Workforce 635 to replace our Lexmark. We went through so much ink with our old printer and the new printer was on sale for $50 off and then we got another $50 for trading in our old printer. In the end, the new printer cost us $80 and it came equipped with the XL cartridges which last a really long time. Our old one was one cartridge so if any one color ran out, it needed to be replaced. This has four separate cartridges so will last a lot longer. While we were at Sam's we had bought a router cause this printer has wireless capability. Well not the case when you don't have a modem unless you buy ANOTHER special adapter for $39.99 to talk to the router. For the $100 I can get my butt up out of the chair, go over and plug in the USB cord and hit print. The router will be going back to Sam's. We're happy with the printer...nice and compact and works great.

OK, I'm bummed. The first Sunday I've had off where we haven't been in training or driving or setting up and WOULD have been able to watch a NASCAR race but was there one on to watch. NOOOOOOO ! The last three races I've seen, at most, the last two laps of the race. One might say that this is the most crucial time....the most exciting part to see the finale but I like to watch the whole thing or at least the parts in between my NN time (Nascar nap). Not to be this week and yes, we will be moving next Sunday to another park when there is a race. Of course ! But the good thing is that the next park has a whole bunch of channels to choose from. Here we have four major networks and PBS. Linda and I are going through HGTV withdrawal.

Our neighbors came over and asked us if we're going up to the office for "grill your own" night. Hadn't heard about it and had just eaten but sure sounds good. She said starting this coming week, every Friday you can get burgers with beans, salad, fixins and make your own sundaes for $4 a person. Worth coming home from work for...won't have to cook. Wonder if these Texans would tar and feather us Yankees if we slip our veggie burgers onto the grill when no one's looking. Whatcha think ?


Cindy said...

Sounds like you two are really enjoying being on the road again and seeing some of the wonderful sights. I like the riverwalk too. Very relaxing for me to be by the water.

Hope the job is what you expected.

Jim and Bobbie said...

Oh, the River Walk is one of our favorite things! I think you could plop down your veggie burger and no one would be the wiser. I'm off meat now too...must have been that wonderful veggie lunch you fixed us! How do you like the job so far?

Movable Book Lady said...

I was last at the Riverwalk in the early 60s (yes yes, I'm old) -- it's great. And do tell how the job is going -- what do you do exactly? I'm going to be off the road for the next year and it's bumming me out. Glad you're having a good time.