Saturday, March 26, 2011


Remember last week when I posted about Pike's Place restaurant and the great meal we had ? Well, out front there is an antique store and we went to call on them the other day. The antique store is connected to other buildings by a courtyard, of sorts, and there is all sorts of things going on out there. I found this kitty and his bodyguards taking a snooze in the afternoon sun. There was a HUGE pot belly pig running around, along with a whole bunch of guinea hens. Quite an interesting view from the back door of the antique shop !
Today we're just relaxing around the rig. We'll wrap up our meetings with the three campground owners next Wednesday and start "packaging" our jobs and get them in the mail Thursday.
   Got a few rain drops (all of maybe 20 or so) from a black cloud that passed overhead. Hoping we get more than that since it's so very dry here but not looking promising. Tomorrow we're going to go to Mac and Ernie's to experience their food before we leave the area. They are only open on Friday - Sunday so tomorrow will be the day. Looking forward to having their famous Coconut Cream pie !

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