Thursday, March 10, 2011

Where the deer roam...

The view from top of hill as you drive down into campground
Tonight we went to the dog park with our neighbor, from the campground, and watched as deer after deer crossed from down by the lake to an area where they bed down for the night. The guys said that there are close to 50 deer here on the ranch that they've seen. As I leave for work in the morning, I usually see some grazing up in the pasture area, along with the cattle and horses. This is the sign over the entrance to the ranch. The campground is part of a working ranch and has been declared a Texas Century Ranch, which means it has been maintained for more than 100 years. Back in 1882, it would have been sitting all by itself near Lake Medina..back in the valley. Now, it's a drive through Lakewood Estates housing development...up "hills" and down them..three miles to be exact to get to the entrance to the ranch.
Those pipes that we have to drive over...

Things are going well. Tomorrow Linda and I meet with the campground owner in Bandera to start work on their park. Bandera is a cute town of 1200 people...the "Cowboy Capital of the US". Lots of cute shops, saloons, BBQ restaurants. One of the town's celebrities passed away recently. He had been an actor in a John Wayne movie and in another with Jimmy Stewart. I can't remember what his name was but his coffin was taken to the cemetery in a horse drawn wagon and a horse with a lone boot in the stirrups accompanied it. The slogan "It Do" was written on the side of the wagon....the lone line that this actor said in the John Wayne movie. I think the movie was the Alamo one but not sure. Perhaps any of you movie buffs out there will know who I'm talking about.

Nightly temps here have been getting into the low 40's, sometimes high 30's but during the day it shoots back up around 75. Crazy stuff...I prefer the 70 side of those temps. Saturday we're heading into San Antonio to get a new printer. Our Lexmark is going through ink like crazy and it's acting up lately. Staples has their trade in special going on where we'll get $50 for turning ours in for a new one. Pretty good considering I paid $25 for it during a "door buster" sale before Christmas at Wal-Mart. Also need to get some groceries as there aren't any grocery stores around here that stock much of anything. Closest Wal-Mart is about 30 miles from here in Boerne.

Hoping everyone is having a great week...weekend's right around the corner !

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Glad to see you have your first assignment under your belt. Did it go well? Was it easy to get the advertisers signed up again? Miss you.