Sunday, March 20, 2011


We packed up and left Lake Medina RV Resort this morning....the cattle and horses saw us on our way. We moved over to one of the other RV parks that we are working on and we'll be here for close to two weeks while we finish up the project.
   We are loving the weather...It's 10:00 p.m. and we have the windows's in the 70's...supposed to hit a low of 60 overnight and then in the low 80's tomorrow. There is also a great breeze blowing which makes it super comfortable in the rig.
Isn't this little guy cute ?
We knew that the area, of the park, where we'd be wouldn't have sewer but when we arrived the owner said to put an adapter on our sewer hose and let the grey water run on the ground. Wasn't sure what the adapter was but once we got set up, I went over to a neighbors rig and looked at their sewer hose. It was just a twist on cap that has a screw on adapter for a garden hose. Went to the local hardware store, where they stock some RV supplies, and picked one up for $3.99. We've never had one....never had need for it before. Now we have one.....and the tree next to us is getting a drink every time we take a shower.
    Boomer is loving it here. It's like a little farm. Two donkeys, three steer and several horses. And that's before the herd of deer show up in the morning. From what we've heard and read, there are a lot of deer that come through the park.The donkeys like human interaction. They come over to the fence and start braying.....took me a couple of minutes to figure out what the sound was when I first heard it this afternoon. We can see the pasture from our front door so Boomer will enjoy watching the animals.
   Down at the end of our row is a Space Craft 5th wheel that looks like it's been very well taken care of. It's also huge ! When we stopped by the park last week, the owner was sitting outside and we asked him about it. I think he said it was 48' long. He has a HDT, with matching paint scheme. Very nice looking set-up....four slideouts and in super condition. I'm hoping that we'll learn more about it and maybe get a peek inside.

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Tom and Donna Clapham said...

I love the Space Craft.......looks like it needs a bra!!! Hope you get to see the inside..if you do take pix and post please. We have seen a custom built Royal International (Carriage). 45 ft. with a lot of custom stuff @ $215,000......I would have a MH if I'm spending that much or a house!