Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pike's Place

You know how sometimes you can find the most delightful things in unexpected places ? Well that's what happened to us today when we were out making sales calls. Had just called on an antique store and wandered out back of the antique store in search of the restaurant I had seen advertised on the sign out front. Guinea hens were running around, appearing to play "Tag" as they scampered around. Herbs were growing in a garden in the courtyard area. I kept walking down the long driveway, following the heavenly aroma which I thought must be coming from the restaurant. My walk led me to a cute little restaurant in the back called Pike's Place. I went in and left off some of my literature for Kurt and his wife Suzanne and left to find Linda parked out front with Bertha. The wonderful smell kept haunting me and as luck would have it...twas lunchtime. We had been headed to Boerne for some exploration but decided to have lunch there instead. A good decision indeed...

I got "Palmer's Shrimp" and Linda got the roasted vegetable quiche with seafood chowder. Everything was so scrumptious ! We had hoped to only eat half of it so we could take the rest home for supper but it didn't work out that way. The lemon caper sauce on the pasta was light and so flavorful and the shrimp were wonderful with the light coating on them. The seafood chowder was so rich and filling and the quiche was really fluffy and melted in your mouth. There was a side salad of spring mix and slices of banana and melon. Home-made rolls topped off this exquisite lunch.
We chatted with the folks at Pikes Place and found out that they had just opened the restaurant in October. Aaron, the chef is from Michigan and works with Kurt and Suzanne to create unique dishes, inspired with local, fresh ingredients. If you're ever in west Texas, take a trip to Pike's Place and be pleasantly surprised with what awaits you.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Nice post! Photos were great. Food sounds wonderful.