Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BeDonka Fun...

Just went out and Linda gave the donkeys a little treat of some baby carrots. Boomer tried to climb through the fence but thank goodness the squares are too small to get his body through (not that he wasn't trying). They are cute and really quite tame....were curious of Boomer but a little apprehensive.
   AC is running...feeling a little guilty about temps of 90 today when I know it's snowing up home. Spoke with mom last night and she said they were calling for 5-10" of snow today. Yuck ! OK...Mother Nature, it's spring. Perhaps you didn't get the memo but it's really time to give it up on all this white stuff. Time for tulips, sunshine and warm weather. You can do it !
   We're trying to get out each evening and walk a little bit. Here's a picture of the front office and rec hall. The area in between the buildings is a cute courtyard with fountain and seating area. The area out back has more seating and there's a BBQ cooking area under a pavilion next door.
    Things are wrapping up here....trying to tie up loose ends. Made our reservations for the next two jobs. Next Friday we head out for Norman, OK for two weeks. We'll be working a new job (never been done by our company) that is a large state park. Once we finish there, we go a short distance away to Oklahoma City to work a park there. Another new park for our company...yeeha..we're excited !

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Cindy said...

Hi guys, looks like your new job and being back on the road are agreeing with you.

Safe Travels.