Friday, January 1, 2010

Who Needs a Clock ?

In our usual boring, tired fashion Linda and I were in bed around 10:30 last night. Could only get her to play two games of Skippo and then she was whipped and ready for sleep. With us having New Years day off from work, we had the luxury of not needing to set the alarm clock either. But we didn't need a clock to tell us when midnight arrived. Apparently Rahway celebrates the New Year's arrival with fireworks. Boomer was trying to climb into bed on my side and me with my earplugs in was totally oblivious to what was going on. I pulled them out of my ears, trying to comprehend why all the covers were going towards the floor on my side of the bed. Linda said..."Fireworks" and I knew that Boomer was petrified. I got him calmed down and willing to lay next to the bed as opposed to IN IT and then the cell phones started in.

We had taken our phones to bed in case the snow plow contractor called to ask if we wanted him to come plow. They were calling for another batch of snow last night and when we went to bed it was only icy and snow. But just in case he called, we took the phones to bed with us. The texts from friends and family began, with well wishes for the New Year. So, I got up and turned on TV at 12:30 to see the garbage left by the revelers in Time Square (looked like our property the other day after the 40 m.p.h. wind storm). Lots of hoopla building towards the big ball drop and then as soon as the clock struck midnight, everyone starts heading home. Seems a little anticlimactic to me.

This morning has already been very interesting. I got up about 7:30 and could hear the Penske truck running outside. One of our tenants, that has two units here, rents a space for their truck and they put it right in front of our car. I asked Linda about it running and she said it had been running since 6:30. I thought that odd. I looked outside, thought it looked icy and decided I better put ice melt down. I went out and loaded up the spreader and noticed that there was a guy sleeping in the running truck. That worried me....I was worried that one of the Penske employees was sleeping off a wild night of partying and had gotten carbon monoxide poisoning. I tapped on the window and finally the guy opened one eye and looked at me (his head still leaning against the door of the truck). I said "Are you OK ?"... "HUH?" I repeated myself. He said yes and proceeded to go back to sleep. I resumed spreading ice melt around the property. After I went inside, I told Linda of my exchange with this guy and we thought we better call the tenant to see if he's aware one of his employees has had his truck running since 6:30 this morning. Linda went to the office and called him. She described the guy and the tenant said no one by that description worked for him and for us to call the cops. We did....they responded within two minutes and took him away. Seems he has several outstanding warrants and now will have a nice warm place where he can take a nap.

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