Thursday, January 28, 2010

Catchin' Up.....

It's only been 20 days since we left Rahway, NJ and our previous assignment but the days have sure flown by. We've been busy squeezing in things that we've wanted to see and do, visit with our friends in the area and get some things done on the rig before returning to work.

On Monday we went to Fort Myers to go to a women's resort there that I had visited many years ago, when it was just being developed. it has changed since I last saw it ! When I last visited, there were a couple of houses there.....a clubhouse and lots of streets. Now 13 years after it was started, it is almost full. There are just a handful of lots that are still empty. The neat thing is that out of 278 total lots, about 70 them are RV lots. Some lots have RV ports on them or are just the concrete drive and pad. If someone buys an RV lot, they can choose at some point to have a small house built on it. The facilities are gorgeous and we had a great time looking around. It looks like a great place to retire to :)

Our friend, Jan has had a really bad cold for the last week and a half so we have been helping her with errands and took her to the doctor on Tuesday. She is now on an antibiotic so we're hoping that she will be on the mend very shortly.

Yesterday we hung out here, around the campground, and waited for the RV tech to arrive. He came mid afternoon. The good news is that he resolved two of our issues in pretty short order....The bad news is the other two issues are things he couldn't tackle here so we need to take the rig elsewhere to get them fixed. When he was diagnosing the grey valve, he discovered that there are still problems with the black tank. If you recall we spent a fortune, in July, having a new tank put in by Settle's RV in Virginia. Total botch job from the beginning.....don't know why this dealership even has a service dept. They had to call in a plumber to help them with the piping to the tank and based on what the RV tech found, there is a leak around the top of the tank....probably in the area that had difficulty. Gives us a warm fuzzy feeling to revisit this same issue AGAIN ! This time it needs to be resolved cause when you're a full-timer, your RV is your house and there can't be major problems with it while traveling. We went to an RV repair shop today that a friend of ours recommended. She takes her rig there and wouldn't trust it to anyone else. They seemed very knowledgeable and accommodating. We can stay on-site while the repair is being done. We'll take it in next Wednesday to "Git R Done"....

Today we got together with our Amazon buddies, Carolyn and Roy. They are staying nearby, in Crystal River, and it was great to sit and chat about work at Amazon, family and future plans. We want to get together again with them before we leave the area. I hope we'll make it our "January tradition"....go south for some W & R (warmth and relaxation), see our RV'ing friends and rejevenate before returning to work. Sounds like a wonderful prescription to me and just what the doctor ordered !

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