Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quiet Day...

Storms overnight gave the campground a good dousing. By the time I got up, the sun was peeking through and it started out as a pretty day. Wasn't quite as warm as yesterday but still shorts and tank top weather. I organized the basement of the rig as it tends to get a bit messy when I'm shoving items in and hauling them out while we are working at a site. Many times a particular location won't have the tools I need to get the job done so I go out to the truck or rig and get my tools out. Thus starts the disorganization and mess....Linda worked inside the rig, sorting through things and setting some items aside to put in this weekend's yard sale that will take place here in the Escapees park.

Speaking of organization.....just before we left New Jersey we bought a cupboard that would fit in our washer/dryer area. We did have a 5 drawer storage unit in there but the drawers would sometimes fall down onto the drawer below it if you put too much weight in the drawer plus it didn't organize all of the space in the closet to the fullest potential. I looked on-line for something that would fit inside the closet and utilize the space to its fullest but it seemed that either cupboards were either too wide or too tall. Then I found a Sterilite 5 shelf unit that we had planned on having sent to a Wal-Mart once we got down here. Just before leaving NJ we went down to Linda's brother's house to drop off our car and we stopped at the Target store near their house. We found that they had the shelf in stock so we got one. It is perfect !! A perfect fit for the space - no side to side movement. We were concerned about how we'd get it inside the closet once we put it together; not sure if we could get it squared up once inside the door frame but the whole thing could be assembled inside the closet. It was just what we'd been looking for. It utilizes every square inch of the closet for storage and we were still able to use the closet rod and put two coats next to the cupboard since there is a couple inches where the side wall of the closet is offset. We put non-skid liner on the shelves and not an item moved during our trip from NJ to Florida....doesn't get any better than that ! The shelves are adjustable too and the doors latch tightly. We are really pleased with this little project.

Tomorrow we're off to the Webster Flea Market It's listed as one of the "Top Ten" attractions in Florida and covers 40 acres...Can't wait to see what fruits and veggies we can get.

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