Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Warming Up.....

We arrived at the campground around 2:45 yesterday (Tuesday). They assigned a site to us but after looking/attempting to back in we decided on another site just down a few that we could easily pull in to. Got set up and had a relaxing evening. The setting sun was warm on our open door and Boomer was having a ball watching out the screen door until it came time to close it. It did get cold overnight....woke up to a light frost on the ground.

Today we headed out to the flea market....for some reason we thought it was on Wednesdays and couldn't figure out why there wasn't the usual stream of traffic going to/from the site until we got there and realized that it clearly must not be on Wednesdays. It's on Mondays and as luck would have it we don't have any plans on Monday.

From there we headed out to see our friend Jan, in Inverness. Was so great to see her ! We took her to an appointment, to Wal-Mart for some groceries and then had a great lunch. It was a wonderful day with our friend. On our way back to the campground we stopped at Par-Gas and got our propane tank filled. $17 to fill our that to the $33 we've been paying the last four months in New Jersey. The guy told me the price had been $15 up until last week and then they needed to raise the price. Thank goodness we got reimbursed for the fill-ups the last four months by our employer. We didn't realize how exorbitant the price was, even though it was really convenient being that it was only a couple blocks away.

Temps have been slowly warming up each day. Today it got to 60 degrees. Tomorrow it's forecasted to be upper 60's....70's on Friday. Possible thunderstorms this weekend. Tomorrow we are going to the Tampa RV show....we're excited to check that out.

Oh yeah, we called the RV doctor this morning to schedule the work on the rig. Seems the cold snap has bombarded them with furnace problems so they are really backed up right now. Won't be able to get to us for a week to week and a half. Hmmmm...good thing we're not in any hurry.

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Cindy said...

Great to see you are now in a warmer climate. How long do you think you will be in FL?

Take care and enjoy your time off.