Friday, January 15, 2010

Tampa RV Show....

Yesterday Linda and I went to the Tampa RV show, which is supposed to be the country's largest display of RV's. We wanted to see the vendors, as there are a couple of products that I use that I was hoping to find. One item I was hoping to find is Envy, a waterless wax for the rig. I had never heard of this item but when we were at the Escapees park in Livingston, Texas a couple years ago Linda won a whole bunch of these items at a get together they had. There is a metal polish, wet look for tires, etc. I love the wax....quick and easy for touching up the rig, without hauling out a bucket and brush. Didn't find it at the show...

The other item is 303. I use this on all the rubber gaskets around the lights on the RV, on the door handles, plastic recept. covers, tires, dashboards, RV decals, etc. I think it does a great job of protecting these items from yellowing, fading, etc. Helps this three year old rig keep her youthful look ! Didn't see this anywhere either...Was hoping to save the shipping/handling by buying it there but no cigar....time to do some on-line shopping.

We looked at Class A motorhomes at the show. Not the multi-million rigs that required "no shoes" and a hands off approach to going through their rigs. There were many of them....we walked by several that displayed a 2 million dollar+ price tag but they are are so glitzy that they appear to be more of a showplace than a "home", which is what ours would need to be. We looked at all the major manufacturers and initially I liked the looks of a Four Winds Magellan motorhome Seems to be the big thing is 1.5 baths to 2 baths now. This one had a 1/2 bath behind the kitchen and then a full bath in the rear of the coach. I liked the modern styling of the cabinets with contemporary door handles but on my second trip through the coach noticed things that seemed a little on the chintzy side. The friese style carpeting is too much like "shag" carpeting. I installed this type of carpeting in my house when I had it on the market and it was all the rage but don't want it in our traveling house. I did like the other flooring though...was a totally different look from anything else I've seen in other motorhomes.

After looking at everything there and pondering on it, we both came to the conclusion that we like our 5th wheel and there wasn't anything else out there that would serve us any better than what we currently have. We've gotten all the major things fixed or "tweaked" and as long as we can get in or out of a work location, we're OK. We want to wait to see how long we keep doing this type of work before we decide on anything different. It's fun (and exhausting) to look but in the end we are both very practical about our needs.

Tomorrow we'll relax around some laundry....Watch some football. Still waiting to hear from the RV doctor for our appt. Will call Monday if they don't call first. Was 70 degrees today...supposed to be warmer tomorrow but with thunderstorms. I think tomorrow might be a good day to check out the indoor heated pool.... :)

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