Sunday, January 24, 2010


Today started out very sunny and warm so I dropped Linda off at the laundry room, here at the park, and I went to an area near our rig where you can wash your vehicles. Boomer went with me to supervise the washing of Bertha. He's grown to be irritated and quite bothered by loud (and even not so loud) noises. If I holler "Go Go Go" during a football game he heads for the bedroom to hide or tries to climb into my lap. Any increase in the pitch of our voices or a gasp from Linda, during a scary movie, and he is beside himself. Apparently the sound of the water beating on the roof of the truck, while rinsing the soapy water off of it, was a sound he did not like cause this is where I found him when I got in the truck. Pretty pathetic, eh ? He was draped over the cup holder/arm rest that I made for the front seat. Hmmmm....

Good football games today....We were able to watch the first game between the Jets and the Colts in our rig since we get CBS but we don't get FOX so for that game we had to go over to our neighbor, Carol's place. That was a super game, touch and go all the way. During the first game, Carol and her little dog Lillie came over and watched much of the game with us. Boomer watched Lillie climb onto Carol's lap and get all sorts of attention. When the two of them left, he apparently forgot that he weighs close to 50 pounds which does not constitute being a "lap dog". He thought he'd try anyway. This is his attempt at fitting on Linda's lap. First he'd sit facing her, one paw on each side of her neck. Then he'd turn around and try facing the other way. It just wasn't working for him so he got down.

There is a rooster near the park that needs some serious calibration of his clock. He crows incessantly during mid-day and into the afternoon. His idea of daybreak and my idea of daybreak are clearly not the same. Perhaps he is "young at heart" and his day starts at noon....kind of like teenagers.

Tomorrow we are off to Fort Myers for the day. We have located a theater where they are playingn Avatar in 3D so might do that on Tuesday. We shall see...

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