Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Little Bit Crazy......

I don't think we'll ever try and train three people at the same time again. It is too crazy. I worked with the new assistant manager today while Linda started with the new managers. I think she'll be good ONCE she catches on to things and stops overthinking everything..just go with it, will ya. Don't ask why it couldn't be done a different way and blah blah....just do it the way we show you to do it and when you get really good, if you want to re-invent the mouse trap, be our guest. LOL...Oh brother....

The new managers did great. They have common sense.... a trait that is necessary for this work. When all else fails and you aren't quite sure what you should do, if you have a smidgen of common sense, you probably can figure out the next step. They both have it. Hallelujah !! Tomorrow is the assistant's last day of training....make it or break it day. Linda told her she has to "run the site" by herself...Linda will be there but will take a hands off approach and only intervene if she has to. We'll see how long before that happens.

Tomorrow will be one of the warmest days this week....projected to be 36. Wow ! By the weekend, temps will fall into the 20's again. Luckily I got our fresh water tank filled yesterday on the second attempt. Seems the copper water line, coming from inside the building didn't want to thaw out until in the afternoon, after soaking in some of the sun's rays. And that's even with the water lines wrapped in foam insulation. I think the wind has just been too brutal around here lately and the line froze where it passes through the cinder black wall. Luckily I was able to get the tank filled up so we'll have enough for the remainder of the week and our trip south.

Saturday will be the last day of training for the new managers and their "make it or break it" day. We'll get the rig put together to pull out (slides put in, etc.)while they work the site. That way we'll be right outside the door where they can call us if they need to or just holler out the door. They will be fine. They are so excited to get this job and are really looking forward to moving here. During this week of training they are driving from home (Cherry Hill, NJ) which takes them 1 hr- 45 min each way. Makes for a very long day !! They will be happy to see Sunday arrive when they can move into the apartment and call it "home" and we'll be happy to be outa here.

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