Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Best View...

The Best View is the one in your rear view mirror when you have hitch itch and can't wait to git goin'. That is how we felt at 6:30 when the new managers finished closing and we hit the road. It got so cold this afternoon. Made it challenging to be outside for long...gathering up hoses, etc. to get ready to leave. We had the slides all pulled in and the truck hooked on around 4:30. Then at 5:30 we started the truck so all the fluids would be warmed up and ready to go when it came time to the cab got nice and toasty too. It was so easy getting out of there. Linda drove straight out the back gate...across the street and into the church parking lot and then out the other side onto the street leading to Route 1. We'd been fretting about how we were going to get out...could we make it around the corner of the building to go that way or could we turn left onto the street outside of rear gate. I scoped it out and decided we'd go out and through the church was a piece of cake ! No fuss, no muss. We are now at a service area, down by the Delaware Memorial the turnpike. Just had something to eat....getting ready for bed and then up at at 'em bright and early to drive to Virginia Beach. Still sounding like it's going to be cold for another day of so of driving and then look out....60 and 70 degree days ! Yeeha !!
Anyways, after 4 months+1 day in Rahway...the best view was the one out our rear view mirror as we left town !!

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Oh, we are so so happy that you are finally back on the road. Will you "winter" in Florida after you finish with Dr. RV?