Saturday, January 2, 2010

3 Yr. Anniversary For Our Home...

Yep, it was 3 year's ago today that our rig rolled into the campground where we were renting a small camper and our adventure began. Our Excel came from Guthrie Center, Iowa and was delivered to us because we didn't have our truck outfitted yet with a bed or hitch (were still researching it). Since the RV dealership guys had to bring it through an ice storm in the mid-west, we felt the $1000 delivery fee was well earned.

I think she's holding up pretty well for 3 years of full-time living. As our full-time friends know, a whole different level of construction is needed for a rig called "home" on a day to day basis. There have been some issues over the years but I think it still looks as good as new on the outside and inside. Our rig is hunkered down, on the day of its birthday, in 17 degree temps (although with the wind chill it feels zero) with 30-40 m.p.h. winds outside. We appreciate the heavy weight of our rig on nights like this....very little sway.

When we had the closing on the sale of our house, end of October 2007, we rented a small camper in the campground near us until our rig could be built and delivered to us. Two adults and two large dogs in a small camper for nine weeks. Wow ! You had to go outside just to change your mind. Then our rig came and we started moving in....we thought we had downsized all we needed to from having two houses... well we had to downsize even more. Then the fun (and learning) began....On Valentine's day, 2007 we had over a foot of snow in a big snow storm, then another foot on St. Patrick's day...then a 10 day period of wind chills of -10 to -20. Wow, did we get initiated by fire (or ice) ? That was some winter in PA. For those of you not following our blog in those days, go to our older posts at the bottom of the page and you can relive those days. Ones I'd sooner least the ones with lots of snow and cold.

We are looking forward to going to a warmer climate for a while. Let our rig warm up along with us.....Happy Birthday to Destiny !! We wish her many more years of safe travels with us at the helm.

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