Saturday, January 3, 2009

Settling in....

This morning we left Williamsport and moved the rig down to Chambersburg. A nice, uneventful trip (the kind we like) on a pretty, sunny Saturday morning. After a few minutes of looking over the driveway situation we determined that there was no way we could pull through...due to a low hanging cable over the driveway so....the next best thing was to back into the field. There is an area next to the house referred to as "the field" and several family members park their pop-up campers there. As luck would have it there is a house across the street with a long driveway and it was so slick for Linda to pull in there...straighten the rig up and then back right across the road into the field. Perfect....I expected it to be way more difficult than it was. Ground was frozen solid...we put some boards down to park the tires on and we were good to go. Tomorrow we will start the winterizing process for the rig so it will be OK to sit for a while.
Seems really odd to have a whole house to live in. Took a long, hot bath (something I've missed with just a shower in the rig). The dogs have been roaming the house, not quite sure what to make of everything. They have a lot of yard area so they will love the room too.
For now, this is home and we are so thankful to have it as an option for us. We are relaxing and settling in for our stay here.

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