Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Enough Already....

We have been under an ice storm warning since yesterday morning and yep, it did give us our fair share of ice. Linda and I went out for a little while this morning and took some of these shots. As we were walking down the street, behind the house, a line came down that was connected on the one end to the power lines out at the street and the other end was connected to someone's house. The only thing that kept it from dropping onto the street was a tree limb in the person's front yard. Linda called the city and made them aware of the low hanging line (we think it's a telephone line) and she also went to the neighbor's house to tell them about it hanging in their yard.
The ice is pretty to look at but has caused power outages in some areas due to downed power lines. Oddly the sidewalks and streets do not seem to be slippery...only the grassy areas and outbuildings. We're not fans of ice, black or white for that matter, and are glad we don't have any pressing plans for today. Will be a good day to lay low and curl up with a good book or play cards. Is supposed to warm up as the day progresses and turn entirely to rain.

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