Thursday, January 29, 2009

On the Road...

It's Thursday morning and we're waking up in Shallotte, N.C. We left Chambersburg Monday evening, after getting a call from my mom in the afternoon, telling of an approaching ice storm. If you've followed our blog, you know our fondness of traveling on ice after the episode we had coming back from Kansas. We went into high gear getting the rig loaded up and ready to go. We left about 6:30 p.m. and drove till we got to Petersburg, VA...trying to get far enough below the freezing line to not wake up to winter weather.
On Tuesday we continued on to Durham, N.C. to visit our friends, Cindy and Wendy. We arrived in Durham about mid-day. We had a wonderful dinner with them and equally delightful conversation. Cindy is a new retiree and Wendy hopes to retire this summer. They are preparing their house to go on the market in the spring (a gorgeous house I might add) and then they will embark on an RV-ing lifestyle. Here is a picture of their kitties...Simba and Chui (pronounced Chew-E)

Wednesday morning we left Durham and wandered down the North Carolina coastline to check out a campground in Stella and then down to Holly Ridge, which is located just across the marsh from Topsail Beach. In Topsail (pronounced Top Sol)is where the Turtle Rescue hospital is. It was just getting dark when we pulled up to the hospital and although we knew they'd be closed, we wanted to see what the town and area are like in case we return here to volunteer at the hospital. It was around dinnertime and we were starting to get hungry. As we came around the corner we saw this little pub and grill type of place on the corner. Not reacting quick enough to take advantage of the huge parking lot right next to the place, Linda decided to pull off the shoulder of the road right across the street from the bar and grill. Our rig took up the span of the two combined driveways, of the houses sitting there, but we were well off the road. Just as Linda steps out of the rig and walks to the back of the RV, she hears a male voice, " What's the plan ?" It's the town cop.....a young guy but with that certain swagger that let you know he was a "good ole boy". Linda is thinking, "Oh Shit". When she gets nervous she tends to ramble so off she went, explaining how we were down checking out the turtle hospital as we might volunteer, saw this place...thought maybe we'd stop to the way, is their food any get the picture. After talking circles around him, he merely said, "There's a big parking lot right out back. Go around the block and park there." Nuff said....I went in to get a table and Linda pulled around the block and parked the rig.
After having a bite to eat, we left Topsail and started down the coast. By this time it was starting to rain. The daytime temps had been wonderful....around 72 degrees and intermittent sunshine. As it got closer to sunset the temps started to drop a little bit...into the 60's but with that foggy, misty chill in the air. We decided to boondock at Wal-mart in Shallotte for the night so we arrived here about 7:30 or so and settled in for the night. Today we are continuing on down to Myrtle Beach and then on to Jekyll Island, in Georgia. Temps are currently in the 60's but like I said, a bit dreary and rainy.

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