Sunday, January 4, 2009

Busy morning....

Got up this morning and went out to check the rig and the refrigerator was reading "Low DC" which meant that the batteries were getting low, due to the furnace needing to kick on quite a bit overnight. I got the generator out and let it run for a while. Decided that we needed to get the rig winterized ASAP so we could shut everything down and not have to mess around with it anymore. Off to Wal-Mart we went for some RV antifreeze and some hanging bags of Damp Rid for the task ahead.
The Excel manual was great at going step by step, with everything that we needed to do. Considering we've never had to winterize a rig before, I was a little nervous about "getting it right". Would not be a fun thing to open the rig in two months to find something busted or not as it should be. Linda cleaned out all the items in the rig that could freeze and make a mess. I cleaned the frig and freezer. We disconnected the batteries and pulled them out and put them in the basement so the trickle charger can keep them charged. Got the antifreeze pumped through the lines and we seem to be good to go.
Cloudy here today....currently 35 degrees. Wish that was a typo or at the least a dyslexic mistake but nooooo, it's cold as a bear's butt here. Could be worse, I guess.
It's kick-off time for the next playoff game....Go Eagles !!

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