Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cold and bleak in PA.....

Not much has been happening this week. Linda got her fingerprint cards done for her South Dakota nursing license and has sent those in. Once she gets her SD license, she will then be part of the "compact" that includes something like 22 other states that has reciprocity with each other. She won't have to get a license from any other state within the compact..they will recognize and accept the SD one.
Today we were going to have lunch with some friends but that darn stomach bug has hit them and they aren't able to get together. Guess we are going to Linda's sister house to visit for a while. Hoping that we can watch some of the football games that will be on later today. Curious to see how the Phila Eagles do since this is Pennsylvania's year for dominating sports..
In world news, I have been watching and listening to the news of the dollar figure that a stimulus package is going to cost us. Scary !!! Not sure I agree with a tax cut in the form of a reduction in payroll taxes....yes, it will make people spend the money more than a lump sum tax refund but the American people are so strapped for money and struggling on so many different fronts that they will not be making any extravagant purchases. A few more dollars in their paycheck will go to buying enough groceries so they can eat till next payday or paying the gas or electric bill during this winter season. It is very disturbing to hear how large the deficit will be. It was looking bad as we draw to the end of Bush's administration, due to poor fiscal management and a very costly war, but now it will be even higher due to a floundering economy. President elect Obama has a big task ahead of him in plotting out a recovery plan for this nation that will let us see daylight at the end of the tunnel....and that daylight will not come anytime soon. From all that I've heard, we will not see any upswing until possibly into 2010. We have a rough year ahead of us. Tighten your belts...we're in for a rough ride ahead.

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