Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bushnell Bound....

We are excited to be leaving for Florida on Tuesday. Since we winterized the rig, we had to haul a lot of our food and toiletry supplies (any liquid that could freeze) into the house where we are staying so that means we'll have to pack all of it up and load it into the rig on Monday. We won't de-winterize the rig till we get south, where the temps are warmer.
We have made reservations at Oaks RV Resort, in Bushnell, #14. It is currently 57 degrees there, as compared to our 39 degrees here. The extended weather forecast for Bushnell is showing that temps should be in the 70's by the time we arrive. They have been having a cold snap, with freeze warnings posted in the last few nights. Here are a couple pictures of the resort where we'll be staying.

On the way down, we'll spend Tuesday evening in Durham so we can visit friends there. We're also going to go check out the area around Topsail Island, NC where a sea turtle rehab facility is... This is the type of place where we'd like to spend our "off" time, when we aren't deployed or working somewhere. The only coastal area I've ever spent any time at was Myrtle Beach so we want to see the area. We've also been told, by several people, how neat Jekyll Island is...That is located in Georgia. We'll meander our way to Florida since we don't need to be there until Feb 1. We are anxious to get there and get the rig put back together again.


Movable Book Lady said...

Hey hey! Sounds good and I hope you have a great time. Topsail -- my neck of the woods -- I grew up in Wilmington, you know. Are you going to see Cindy and Wendy in Durham? If so, tell 'em I said "hey."

Jim and Bobbie said...

Oh, I was hoping you'd come to Sumter Oaks RV Park and be our neighbors. But after seeing The Oaks web page I don't blame you. If we had a month left here we might moved over there too. Please call when you arrive so we can visit you. Bobbie and Jim