Monday, January 5, 2009

Resolution vs. Resolve

Linda and I have never been much for New Year's resolutions so this year was no exception. A wonderful outcome of our working at Amazon was the level of fitness that we achieved from walking 10 - 16 miles every night. Without having to really "work" at it, we each lost weight. For me, over the course of the summer I lost around 24# and for Linda she lost around 20#. We both feel great and are back to weights that we haven't been at in many years. Our goal now is to keep the weight off and continue to exercise at a level where we feel good and stay fit.
Today we went to the area mall and walked around the perimeter of the mall. We hadn't planned to do this, upon leaving the house, so Linda didn't have shoes on that were suitable for exercising. We want to get out tomorrow morning, before the impending ice storm hits, and get in a brisk morning walk. Walking for pleasure is different than being required to walk for your job. A tougher challenge but one that we need to incorporate into our routines if we are to keep this weight off.
Coincidentally, today on the Oprah show, Oprah was talking about the need for everyone to get a grip on "why" they eat and the need for everyone to find that balance in their lives so that they can lead healthy and fit lives. Her January issue of "O" magazine sports a picture of her, from four years ago when she was fit and trim, and a picture of her now. The title reads, " How did I let this happen to me again." She showed her new workout routine and talked with Bob Greene about the reasons behind overeating. He said that if any of the reasons to lose weight include the phrase that it will "make them happy" then it's a set-up for unhappiness. We have to find that balance in our lives, in all aspects of our life from weight to work to family in order for us to achieve a true level of happiness. I think, for many people, that it has become very hard for them to get in touch with what they really need in their lives to make them happy. They have created this artificial sense of happiness, created out of "things" that they have surrounded themselves with. We need to love ourselves...truly love ourselves in order to take the first step in achieving this balance in our lives.
In a related news story, on the evening news, there was information about a group of women that are getting the word out on the risk of heart disease (and heart attack) among women. It is the number 1 killer of women and one of the most misunderstood for symptoms. These women, all survivors of heart attack, are going from living room to living room talking to women about this silent killer. One woman, 31 years of age, suffered a massive heart attack just a few days after giving birth to her first child. These women are sharing information about lifesaving technologies (stints and pacemakers) with other women.

So, which side of the fence will you be on in this new year ? Resolution or resolve ? Love yourself first so that you are a better person to love others.

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