Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bike’s Back…

P6190021 The Yamaha shop in Silverthorne was awesome at keeping us apprised on our bike and its’ repair. They called yesterday and said that the parts, for the broken shifter, had arrived and they were starting work on it. Within the hour, they called again and said it was all done. We went and picked it up today and brought it back to the rig. Cost a little over $200 to get the shifter fixed and the oil changed. We are set ! The mechanic did say that the front tire was horribly low on air and we told him that it had recently been replaced with a cracked valve stem. Linda noticed that it seemed to be low the other night, while we were sitting outside, but I thought it was just the way it was sitting on the patio. Turns out she was right (but don’t tell her). Not sure what is up with it but we’ll have to keep an eye on it. He said maybe it was due to the elevation and the “potato chip bag theory” (he had to explain that one to us). I came home and checked the rig and car and they were fine so ain’t no potato chip bag problem ‘round here.P6190022

Took some pictures of the flowers that are erupting around our campsite. In spite of the lack of rain, they are flourishing and we’re really enjoying the color around us. The plants, that we put in the crock and plastic tub, are doing pretty well.

Sales are going very well….today was the deadline although we have two advertisers who I need to follow-up with for one reason or another by the end of the week. Our time here is coming to an end….enjoying every last minute.

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Dave and Susie said...

Your flower pictures are of the state flower of Colorado the Columbine. Sounds like you two have been staying busy. Where are you headed to next? Sure do miss you.