Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dillon, Frisco and Silverthorne

P6060018 Today we had some sales calls in three towns close to Tiger Run. What a beautiful area ! A little different than Breckenridge, which is wedged in between the mountains and seems a little closed in. With Dillon, Frisco and Silverthorne the mountains surround them but are more like a picture frame, capturing the natural beauty of the area. All I can say is Wow ! The water in Dillon Reservoir and Frisco Bay just glistened. There are marinas on each body of water so there were sailboats out and powerboats. P6060014So beautiful !

In light of all the wild fires that have been in the news, there was some interesting plaques at the top of the one lake that talked about Lodgepole Pine trees and fire. I took a pic of each and it makes for interesting reading. Mountain pine beetles have had a devastating effect on the forests around here, with lots of dead pine trees as you drive the highways. So sad to see…


P6060015 P6060016


Looking forward to spending more time in the area, exploring the different towns. Today we drove a short distance around the dam and it was gorgeous. I see a motorcycle ride in our future around the rest of it. There are also a whole bunch of outlet stores in Silverthorne that would make for some great exploration. In Frisco, the town has created an amazing adventure park that has all sorts of bike ramps and jumps and courses. It’s free and what a wonderful resource for daredevils in the area. We’ve seen some skateboard parks and such in our travels but this place is huge ! Sure would be a fun time for kids while mom and dad hit the outlets and shops downtown.

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