Thursday, June 21, 2012


P6210023 Our friends, Dave and Susie Smeal, suggested that we check out Leadville while in the area. We got the bike back yesterday and the forecast was for great weather today so why not. Hit the road around 10:30, had a couple errands in Frisco, and then we started the drive to Leadville. GPS said Leadville is about an hour from Tiger Run so we arrived in Leadville at noon.

We had lunch at the Golden Burro Cafe (thanks..Dave and Susie), which has been there since 1938. Lots of wood and leaded glass and an old time feel to the place. The menu is part history lesson and part food selection and with so many choices, it was really hard to decide. Home-made pies and cakes (carrot cake and red velvet cake) were tough to say no to but necessary to maintain our weight.P6210024

Lots of neat history in Leadville….they have the most per capital museums of any town in the US. They are the “highest” incorporated town of any in the country at 10,200’. Linda and I walked from one end of town to the other….lots of cute shops and wonderful old architecture. In the one shop, I found a bracelet that I fell in love with. It was made by a Colorado artist and has something that looks like the P6210022 (2) Tree of Life that we have on our rings. Bought it and I love it !





P6210025 P6210030

P6210028 P6210031


We went inside the old hotel in town and they had all kinds of stuff on display in the lobby that is for sale. On the way out, my eye caP6210033ught this  wall sconce that looks like a hot air balloon….it is gorgeous !

After lunch and our tour of town, we drove out to Turquoise Lake and took the route all the way around it. Very pretty although we could see that the water level is down quite a bit. As we drove down the one side of the lake, we could see the fish jumping and hanging really near the surface of the water.




P6210052 P6210034

P6210050 Had such a great day exploring Leadville and the area around it. Got back around 4…Temps are really heating up. We rode in t-shirts and jeans today and were comfortable. This weekend, the temps in Denver are going to be around 100. Tomorrow we have to go back to Denver for our last follow-up appointment on our eyes. Will use the time in Denver to get some stuff at Sam’s Club, run some errands and have supper at the Noodle place across the street from Dr. Cutarelli…yum. Gonna be a busy day !


longdog2 said...

Fun adventure--don't melt tomorrow and hope the eye appointment goes smoothly.

Dave and Susie said...

So glad to know that you managed to get to Leadville. We love going there. It's a fun place to explore especially the mining district. Maybe next time you can get up there.