Saturday, June 9, 2012

Checking out the area….

P6050013 I forgot to mention that mid week we traveled to Fairplay, over Hoosier Pass, to see what was over there (sort of like the “bear that went over the mountain”). Took an hour to get there…you climb to over 11,000 feet and then descend into the valley below where the town of Alma sits. Fairplay is a little ways past Alma. Look at this guy riding his bicycle up the mountain. We were stopped for road construction up near the top of the mountain and he passed us. He must have a lot of gears on his bike cause we never saw him get off and push it. Not much in either Alma or Fairplay but there were a couple of cute buildings. P6050016






P6050017  Look at the Alma Fire House and Mining Museum…







P6050018 P6050019



On Friday, we were looking for some businesses up near the ski lodges so we drove up close to the base of the mountain. We had a great view of the town of Breckenridge and the ski lifts that are downtown and go up the mountain. So pretty !

P6080012 P6080014

I also met with a woman, who has opened a frozen yogurt shop in Frisco…called Cameez. Such a neat and funky place ! The frozen yogurt only has 8 calories per ounce so it gives you plenty of leeway to top if with any of the yummy toppings. We went there last night and today to create a masterpiece . My favorite toppings are cookie dough bites, hot fudge, peanut butter sauce and dark chocolate covered raspberry bites. All of these I put over peanut butter and dulce le leche ice cream. With 50 toppings and 15 ice cream flavors, you can create some pretty nifty concoctions. All of the tables, at Cameez, have games like hangman, suduko, and other fun games that you can play with special markers. They also have smoothies and coffee drinks like lattes and espresso. Two large TV’s, fireplace and couch area complete the space to make for a neat hangout for kids and adults alike. They’re not a franchise but an idea that the owner created and named after her youngest daughter. I had a great chat with Tina, the owner, about her concept and design elements. A great place that Linda and I will make many more trips to while we are here !

P6080015 P6080017

We stopped at Cameez after our bike ride today around Frisco, Dillon and Silverthorne. We went to the outlet stores in Silverthorne, then drove the road above the dam in Dillon. We counted 33 sailboats in the lake above Dillon. A beautiful day for sailing and bike riding (2 or 3 wheeled). Lots of bicyclists out on the trails. There’s a bike path from Dillon to Breckenridge and I think they are connecting everything over the mountain to Fairplay. That’s like 35 miles of bike trails ! Linda asked me today, while watching all the cyclists, how far I thought we could make it on the two wheeled variety of bike. I just laughed…

Linda at Dillon Dam

Really bad wild fire that started this morning, up near Ft. Collins, and has already covered a whole lot of acreage. As of right now, it’s only 25 miles from Ft. Collins and has been a big thing in the news all day around here. Hopefully they can get a handle on it and bring it under control.

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