Tuesday, June 12, 2012


vail 2

   Yesterday afternoon we went to Vail, which is about forty minutes from Tiger Run. Pretty drive up over a mountain and the town of Vail is nestled in the valley below. Having seen the pictures my dad took in Europe, it feels like it could be a Swiss village. Lots of pretty flowers and cobbled type streets and walk ways. Fancy shops line the streets and there was a beautiful hotel in the middle of town.vail hotel

The mountain serves as the backdrop to the village and a river “runs through it”. Quite picturesque by most standards ! This is the place we’ve heard about where the rich go to ski and hang out. I tried to imagine what the village would look like with a fresh coat of snow, the shop lights come on and people are milling about. I bet it’s really pretty. It seemed as though summer is a time to get store renovations done as there were construction vehicles about and the sound of power tools in the air. Can say we’ve “been there and done that” !

downtown vail decoration vail village

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