Sunday, June 3, 2012


P6020002 Yesterday we drove around the area to check out the nearby towns of Frisco and Breckenridge. Tiger Run is positioned between the two towns. Had a great lunch at a little pizza shop in Frisco. It started to rain as we left the restaurant and got in the car. We were driving up through town and saw a dog trotting up the street and what appeared to be the owner running up the sidewalk, trying to catch up. This dog didn’t break his stride at all and was weaving from the sidewalk to the street, then back to the sidewalk. We attempted to catch up to the dog so I could jump out and try to corner him but we lost sight of him. We came around a corner on a side street and saw the “owner” running our way. We pulled over and yelled for her to get in and we’d try to catch up to her dog. She was pretty winded from running but managed to tell us that it’s her boyfriend’s dog and he’s a husky who loves to run (oh great). Someone left the door open at the house and the dog made a run for it. She said that trying to call him just makes him run more, cause he thinks it’s a game. We drove back towards town, where we met up with her boyfriend and she got out to join him in the dog hunt. Sounds like they had their work cut out for them !

The rain continued and it gave all the plants a good drink. The grass is pretty brown in the resort, due to lack of rain. Since there wasn’t much snow this year, they aren’t allowed to use the sprinkler system so when Mother Nature turns on her sprinklers, I’m sure all of the lot owners are happy. Today it’s gorgeous, with temps in the low 70’s and a nice breeze blowing. I got up on top of the roof and took some pictures of the area around our site.

P6030007 P6030008

P6030006 P6030011

Tomorrow we start selling in the area. It appears that it is still early in the season for some of the shops as many seem to be closed. The resort has been very busy with rigs coming and going.

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Dave and Susie said...

So glad you get to see all this prettiness. Love the mountains in the background.