Monday, May 10, 2010


We're on the second day of this work week and these two days are our long days. We open the building at 6:30 and get done about 8:00 p.m. The days go really quickly though and there is usually a lull during the day where we go up to the apartment for a little while. Linda and I were discussing today that this work is relatively easy compared to the last couple of jobs we've had. I can see where it can be hectic if a number of residents need something throughout the day or there are multiple walk-in tours, etc. Overall, though it's not that rough physically or mentally. I'll give you my final thoughts on it when we finish our 6 weeks of training. Maybe I'm missing something....

Today we had a server/housekeeper out so I served. Linda was my trainer since she served on another day. It seemed a little hectic at first but then I got into a rhythm with it. First the beverage/salad cart goes out. We have iced tea/lemonade/tomato juice and milk on the cart.(The coffee and hot tea service goes out prior to this cart.) The salad choices are a tossed salad( with and without cheese), cottage cheese (with and without fruit), applesauce and a featured salad of the day. After we finish with this cart, it goes into the kitchen and we take a tray stand and large tray into the dining room and start taking table at a time. You put your stand in the middle of four tables and work that "quad" until you finish and then move it up to the next quad. There are always two main choices, plus a featured salad, sandwich, baked potato and a pasta choice. Today choice # 1 was pork loin, brown rice pilaf and broccoli or choice #2..chicken cacciatore with peas. The residents can mix and match items and they can choose from a regular, small or large size portion. With four residents at a table and each picking all types of combinations (and no paper to write it all down on) it takes a good memory to remember it all till you get to the kitchen and back to the table again. It's kind of fun though....sharpens your mental acuity by matching the entree choice to the resident. It's also a workout !! Have to carry the large tray above your shoulder which I haven't done in a really long time. Overall it was fun.

This afternoon the manager took Linda and I on a tour of the facility, showing us mechanical rooms, storage areas, the unique design of this property in relationship to the surrounding wetlands and up to the roof. On the roof the manager showed us a smoke extraction system that would be used, in the event of fire, to pull the smoke out of the building. In the center core, that extends up through all three floors, metal curtains would drop down and seal this atrium area to create a chimney of sorts. The fan would suck the smoke up through this area and out of the building. I've never heard of such a system and it was really impressive. Our initial impressions of this company, when first interviewing with them, was that they are a class act. After seeing and hearing about the quality systems and upkeep to these properties, it truly sets this company apart from any other competitor. We're very impressed !

We also got to look at four different floor plans of rooms for the residents. Each property has around 26-28 different floor plans to choose ! We looked at a one bedroom unit that was huge! It was very impressive and would hold a ton of furniture. Was nice to see a few of the units that are available here.

Tomorrow we open again but get done mid-afternoon. We keep plugging along in our workbook....learning more of the things we'll need to know to run a property.

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