Sunday, May 23, 2010

Change of Plans...

The day started out sunny but then the thunderstorms moved in and it's been raining ever since. Linda's daughter and her family arrived to have breakfast with us...Teagan and Ila were a big hit with the residents. Stephanie and Jessie also joined us. We had tropical french toast for breakfast (pineapple in the french toast batter) and it was really yummy. As soon as everyone left, we were told that we needed to call our regional boss. Did so and found out that we need to return to our facility in Winston-Salem, right after lunch on Thursday. We'll finish our training there. Our managers have been without co-managers since last November and they are pretty frazzled. There are floating managers that come in to give them some days off but do not do any of the operational things that need to get done. After a short while I can see where the work would pile up and it would get to be pretty overwhelming. We are still off today but will now go in tomorrow to start cramming in some of the info we haven't gone over yet. We'll probably work open to close Tuesday and Wednesday and then we'll leave after lunch Thursday for the 5.5 hour drive back to North Carolina. I'm looking forward to getting back there....starting to learn about our property and residents and get settled into a sense of normalcy. It will be hard to say goodbye to the people here. All of the residents are really great.

Today is my son, Jay's "baby" turned 23 today. We talked for quite a while on the phone this morning. Is always nice to chat with both of my truly blessed.

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