Thursday, May 6, 2010

End of First Week....

Today was our last day of work for the till 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning. We will now open and close on our own. Have learned how to lock/unlock doors, where all the light switches are, make the morning coffee, etc. Today Linda and I helped run the crossword puzzle activity due to the other co-manager needing to give a tour. We had a great time with the ladies....they are sharp as a tack at completing the puzzles. Yesterday was Cinco De Mayo so a group of the folks in our Spanish club (led by their amazing 94 year old teacher who speaks fluent Spanish)sang a cute little song during lunch. You would never, in a million years, guess that the instructor is 94. She is very youthful looking and has no impairment whatsoever with walking. You would swear that she is in her sixties or seventies but certainly not in her nineties.

Nice breeze blowing this evening. I shut the air conditioning off and opened all the windows and the door to the patio. Boomer likes to walk out there and look through the railing to see what might be going on down below us. Tomorrow we're going to search for the local dog park so Boomer can get some exercise.

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