Friday, May 7, 2010


We are over at Linda's daughters house babysitting her two small children (10 weeks and almost 3)while mom and dad get a night out. With two small kids, it takes quite the orchestration of events to get baths, books and bedtime in. While Linda started giving the baby her bath, I was reading books to Teagan. We get the books read then we head up so he can get his bath. Picking out of PJ's and then "12 tucks" to get him all nestled into bed.

In the meantime Linda is dressing and feeding Ila. That was a much longer process than what I had with Teagan. Both kids are settled down now and Mom and Dad just returned home. Linda and I were joking with each other that once you experience motherhood, it's a long time before you ever eat your food while it's still hot. When you go out to eat..You also learn to shovel your meal get something in your belly before your kids start fussing. Mealtime becomes an entirely different experience than you've had for all the years leading up until that point.

When we first arrived here, it was playtime with Teagan. He loves the pop group... Journey. He has a DVD of this group, playing in concert that he plays all the time. He has a microphone, several play guitars, bongos, a keyboard and drums. He knows all of the songs on this DVD...knows all the moves of the singers and sings along. Once Teagan's dad left to go to dinner, he wanted me to get up and play guitar with him. We had to get up on stage (up on the fireplace)and play our guitars along with the DVD. It is so cute...We had a good time.

Linda is enjoying being here, in Virginia Beach, so she can spend time with her kids and grandkids. It was fun, playing with the kids. Reminded us what hard work it is to be a young mom....whew !!

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