Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Winding Down With Training

We go into work today at 11:30 so we took Boomer to the dog park this morning to get some exercise before being cooped up all day. When we first arrived there were no other dogs in the park. After about 20 minutes some others started arriving. Usually most of the dogs that have been there don't seem to like to play or run...they just meander about doing their "business". A German Shepherd, named Abby, came with another beagle type dog (and of course their owner) and she was very playful with Boomer. They ran and chased each other all over the park. It was great to see Boomer get to run full tilt and get some much needed exercise. We are now back at Lighthouse Pointe for our last full day of training. We'll work till close tonight and will learn how to close the kitchen. Yesterday we learned how to do payroll so tonight we'll probably check everyone's time once they've finished their shift and approve it on the system. Tomorrow will be a short at 6:30 a.m. and only work till lunch. Then we'll pack the car and head out for Winston-Salem...right after lunch. So many of the residents have come up to us and told us how happy they've been to have us here and they hope that we'll come back to visit. One lady even said that she'd love to come down to see us but she doesn't drive. I told her that maybe she could team up with someone else and they could make it a "road trip". Everyone has been wonderful...we will really miss them !

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